How to Promote Better Understanding, Engagement and Results

From cave paintings to hieroglyphics and emojis, we are geared for visual language. Priority Visuals make any gathering or communication more productive by drawing out  what’s most important.

Conferences • Meetings • Training • Webinars • Board Sessions • Advisory Panels • Focus Groups • Infographics

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See what matters for success. Priority Visuals help businesses, government and nonprofits reach their goals.

Graphic Recording/Facilitation

Take meetings and events to the next level.

Graphic Training

Build visual capacity in your organization.

Infographic Design

Deliver compelling visual messages.

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The graphics add such a fun touch and make the lessons a lot easier for people to remember.

Cherie Soria

Founder, Raw Food Chef, Living Light International

Your work was amazing and added an extra level to the event that I wasn’t aware that we could get to.

Lydia Vanderbilt

Past Development Associate, Byte Back

Caryn has an incredible ability to put a lot of different ideas together so they make sense.

Bert Troughton

Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, ASPCA

Amazing workshop!!! Visual thinking is more effective and attractive for business meetings!

Geoffrey Wind

Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins University


Strategic Visualyst Caryn Ginsberg brings her artistic skills to a wide range of events, situations and fields. She draws on extensive experience in strategy, behavior-change marketing and quantitative work.  Her analytical abilities enhance her visual work, especially for complex issues and data-driven communications. PVG also maintains partnership with other visual practitioners to offer bigger teams where needed.

Connect with Caryn about how graphic recording, graphic training and infographic design can help you get to what matters.