I was of those kids who was always doodling in school, entering coloring contests and taking art classes. At the same time, I was excelling in math. I guess no one told me back then that creative and analytical thinking were separate worlds.

Like many people, though, I headed down the more conventional path. I earned an MBA from Stanford, became a strategy consultant and went on to be senior vice president of a bank before returning to consulting.

In 2008, I started adding back the visual side, earning an advanced certificate in graphic design. More recently, I’ve integrated both the right-brain and left-brain work with graphic recording, graphic facilitation, graphic training and infographics. I love how simple drawings, varied lettering and beautiful color can take meetings and communications to a whole new level to drive better results.

My clients love it, too. Visuals promote out-of-the-box thinking and energize participants in meetings, conferences and other gatherings. They move people from confusion to clarity, from blockages to breakthroughs and from impasse to action.

Clients have often remarked on my ability to listen to a discussion that seems to be all over the place and summarize it in clear, concise points. Now I capture those points in memorable graphic recordings. It’s a lot more productive and fun for everyone. Just like creativity and analysis can go together, it turns out work and fun can too.

Caryn-drawnHow about having some fun doing serious work on what matters most to you?

Get in touch, so we can explore how I can help you draw out success in your work.