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Your How-to Book for Effective Advocacy 

From animal welfare to animal rights, humane advocacy can be both inspiring and challenging. Stopping animal cruelty and replacing it with compassion isn’t easy.

Every day, animal protection advocates invest time, expertise, money, and energy to make the world better for animals, but often with little to show for it.  People, businesses, and governments are slow to change. For every encouraging sign of progress, there’s a disappointment. What makes the difference between gaining ground and falling short?

If it were just about caring and trying, the many devoted animal protection advocates hard at work would have put an end to all forms of cruelty and neglect already. But commitment and effort aren’t enough.

Whether you are:

  • an individual animal protection activist
  • with an animal shelter, animal rescue group, animal control unit, or spay/neuter clinic
  • a member of a grassroots team
  • employed by any type of humane organization
  • an animal protection supporter, or
  • a student of social change

… there is a proven way that gets better results.

Animal Impact Electronic

Get Animal Impact.

“We will change how society treats animals, a radical goal, by acting strategically, professionally, and with clearly defined action.  This book helps us to lay out that road map. It enables everyone to take their steps on the right road with direction and impact – just what animals need.”

– Michelle Thew, European Coalition to End Animal Experiments

Find out what leading advocates know that allows them to rack up wins for animals. In Animal Impact: Secrets Proven to Achieve Results and Move the World, you’ll discover a simple, yet powerful, seven-step framework that works for personal activism, local programs, online presence, national campaigns, and global efforts. These ideas are transforming advocacy. You can use them to take your impact to the next level, help other advocates learn what it takes, or both.

Learn from Successful Animal Protection Advocates and Groups.

Animal Impact: Secrets Proven to Achieve Results and Move the World contains stories and tips from more than 80 advocates who’ve put the principles to work to achieve change. You’ll discover must-have ways to help animals from people on the forefront of change.

You’ll hear from and about accomplished advocates including Amanda Arrington, Josh Balk, Gene Baur, Nick Cooney,  Jennifer Fearing, Scott Giacoppo, Stephen Heaven, Alex Hershaft, Mahi Klosterhalfen, Philip Lymbery, Bill McDonald,  Julie Morris, Heidi Prescott, Paul Shapiro, Zoe Weil, Dr. Emily Weiss, and more, in addition to the other leaders pictured on this page. Here are just a few of the organizations across the spectrum of animal issues that have shared how they achieve success:

Logos of animal protection organizations

Many stories come from names and organizations you may not recognize. It doesn’t take a big budget or years of experience to put these practices to work. You’ll see exactly how you can use them yourself as an individual, with a small group or as part of a larger team or organization.

Discover Proven, Practical Approaches.

“I wish we had this book 20 years ago, but we are very lucky to have it going forward. Being a practical person, I gravitate toward work that helps me move the ball forward, and certainly Animal Impact is a classic.”

– Esther Mechler, Spay/USA (founder)

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn in Animal Impact:

  • What question all people ask – and you must answer – when you try to get them to change
  • Five barriers that stop people from taking action that helps animals
  • Why you will rarely know what will be most effective … and how to find out
  • How one organization avoided wasting thousands of dollars and you can too.
  • A tool to craft messages that rise above the opposition, including a source of resistance you may have overlooked
  • How the way you talk about your day may be undermining your results
  • Two simple questions to improve your advocacy right now

What Makes Animal Impact Different?

Animal Impact offers a powerful guide on developing effective strategies that will help bring about meaningful and lasting changes for animals. Whether you’re new to the movement or a long-time advocate, this book is a must-read.”

– Erica Meier, Compassion Over Killing

Animal Impact was designed to help you get better results for animals now. The book is fun to read and easy to use. Leading advocates helped shape it.

  • Seven-step system leaves you with a clear approach you can use again and again to plan for success.
  • Stories, tips, and ideas from more than 80 advocates show you how to put the methods to work.
  • Activities, summary points, questions, and a free companion journal help you implement what you learn immediately.
  • Focus on animal protection examples makes the book more relevant and enjoyable.
Animal Impact Electronic

About the Author

“When it comes to the mantra ‘Work smarter, not harder,’ Caryn Ginsberg is the ultimate guru. Whether you’re expanding an existing program or starting on a new endeavor, it would be a mistake to do so without referring to Animal Impact before moving forward. The difference means getting the most for the animals!”
– Ruth Steinberger, SpayFIRST!

Caryn Ginsberg has more than ten years experience working with animal protection leaders at every level. She’s taught for Humane Society University and is co-author with the ASPCA’s Bert Troughton of Making Plans to Make a Difference: Business planning for shelters to inspire, mobilize and sustain change.

A popular speaker, she’s been featured at events including Taking Action for Animals, the Animal Rights National Conference, The Humane Society of the United States’s Animal Care Expo, National Council on Pet Population Study & Policy, Summit for the Animals, and Animal Grantmakers.

Free Gift

Elephant-success-revWhen you purchase the book, you’ll gain access to a free companion journal. You can use this downloadable file, a $9.95 value, to capture your notes on key points, responses to questions, and ideas for your advocacy. It’s like creating your own personalized executive summary. This is my gift to you to help you put what you’re learning to work even faster.

It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from today or which issue matters most to you. You can improve your impact, whether you are a lifelong animal advocate or have gotten involved more recently. You can achieve greater impact from the time, money, and energy you already have.

Buy now! 

“Effective animal advocacy is a difficult business. To move people with long-standing, entrenched attitudes and behaviors requires a deep understanding of what it takes to create change. This book will give you the insight you need to get the results you want.”

– Che Green, The Humane Research Council

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