Graphic recording and graphic facilitation can make a meaningful difference in the success of your strategic planning, conferences or other meetings. Priority Visuals from Priority Ventures Group help people see what they are hearing, so they can be more informed, involved and innovative. That means they – and you – get more out of their time together.

Learn more with the FAQ below, then get in touch to find out how Priority Visuals can enhance your results.

What are Graphic Recording & Graphic Facilitation?

Visual capture is summarizing key points from a discussion in a mix of text and images. Most work is done on large sheets of paper three to four feet high by six to eight feet wide. Digital work is also available.

In graphic recording, the focus is 100% on creating the visual summaries. Graphic recording is a great way to enhance conferences, meetings and events where your team or facilitator is running the sessions. This Priority Visuals service does not include participant activity planning or facilitation.

For graphic facilitation, Caryn Ginsberg brings more than twenty years of facilitation experience to bear to help you create a more successful experience. That can include collaborating on agendas, designing interactive participant experiences, developing participant materials, facilitating sessions and more. Projects often include advance work such as visual agendas, templates or other tools. Because of the facilitator’s multiple roles, the charts are not as detailed or elaborate as in graphic recording.

How Do They Help?

Improved Results

Visuals help people see what matters, so they can understand, build on and use the most important ideas in meetings and events to achieve your desired outcomes. (excited). Charts show relationships, so people can look at cause and effect, processes and other more complex information. The cumulative building of a chart also lets participants connect discussion in the moment to what’s already been said.

Better Engagement   

Visual meetings break-through the same-old same-old, They energize, inspire and engage people in a new and powerful way. They’re also a great tool to help bring in people who aren’t in the room, either through colleague discussions or social media sharing (when appropriate).

More Buy-In

When people see their comments captured in a chart, they know they were heard and considered. They literally see themselves as part of the picture. That helps support buy-in and commitment to decisions and actions.

How Does Graphic Recording Work?

What About Graphic Facilitation?

Graphic Facilitation can include designing agendas, participant activities, participant charts, templates and more.

In addition to digital images of your charts, visual summaries, reports and prints can reinforce what was covered and accomplished in an event or meeting.