Graphic Recording Information for Speakers and Facilitators

Your Ideas Beautifully Captured with Graphic Recording

What is it like to have Priority Ventures Group create a graphic recording of your talk, presentation or discussion?

During Your Talk

Graphic recording adds to your impact by reinforcing key themes and messages. Visuals help participants understand, think, engage, contribute and remember.

Graphic recordings are not a transcript of what you say or discuss. Rather, they highlight important points and ideas, showing how they relate to each other.

If the recording is for a live event, ideally, the recording will occur up front, off to your left or right, so people can see the chart as it’s created. It will not interfere with slides or other visuals you may be using. Digital recording may be projected on screen or be part of an online meeting.


People gravitate to visuals. That’s why they’re so popular. For live events, if the agenda has a break following a talk or facilitated session, you can expect people to come up front to take pictures for social media. (If you are sharing confidential information, you will want to remind people not to share the charts.) If your session is immediately or quickly followed by another one, it is up to the event organizer whether the chart will be available later.

PVG and/or the organizer will usually take photos of completed charts.  The organizer determines if and how to share these digital images. If the organizer allows sharing, you may use the image in any way other than re-selling as long as you include the attribution “Graphic recording by Priority Visuals.” The event organizer also takes possession of the physical charts and decides whether to retain or distribute them.


There is no need to do anything differently when preparing for a talk or facilitation session that will be visually recorded. If you have an outline, a slide presentation or notes available that you share in advance, it will improve the quality of your chart. PVG works with the event organizer to coordinate collecting key points from speakers.

See selected examples of graphic recording to the right of this page. There are more examples on the home page.

Questions? Please begin by asking your conference or meeting organizer what to expect. PVG’s Caryn Ginsberg has spoken at many conferences and events and facilitated many planning meetings, so she appreciates the importance of your being comfortable with all facets of your session.