Graphic Recording/Facilitation

Wall-sized Priority Visuals or digital images drawn live promote participant engagement and make your meeting or event exciting, productive and memorable.  With graphic recording, people can see relationships between ideas, retain more of the important points and enhance their thinking. The graphic recording images reinforce key takeaways long after the gathering. In non-confidential settings, participants can share them to create  buzz on social media and communicate post-event with those not in attendance.

Priority Visuals can also be part of interactive experiences. Graphic facilitation activities include templates that your participants complete as part of providing input, brainstorming or evaluating alternatives. These visual thinking tools support better ideas, solutions and decisions. PVG has special expertise in strategic planning, marketing (both business and nonprofit), research and outcomes measurement.

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Graphic Training

Build capacity in your organization. Priority Visuals training workshops show you how to get started with sketchnotes and graphic recording. Although professional graphic work takes training, practice and experience, anyone can learn to use simple visual approaches to enhance their work. Sessions include an introduction to visual thinking, instruction in basic lettering and drawing and application of the new skills. Get in touch with PVG about graphic training. We’ll discuss your group, your objectives and how you can bring important visual skills to your organization.


Infographic Design

Cut through the clutter to deliver compelling messages. When people are overloaded with data and ideas, infographic design delivers visuals that stand out, get attention and enhance retention. Hand-drawn Priority Visuals make these graphics even more special. Sample applications include sharing research findings, showing how-to, describing a process, summarizing an interview, creating a presentation or promoting a book. Increase the impact of your communications with custom visual explanations that are clear, memorable and shareable. Speak with PVG to learn more about adding infographic design to your communications.

People are able to understand what my talk was about without having been there, in a matter of seconds. I am now a huge fan of graphic recording.

Elizabeth O'Connell

Campaigns Director, Green America

Caryn offers additional insights to the audience and draws out the important themes. I have actually learned a lot about my talk from reflecting upon her notes.

Jasmin Singer

Author and Co-founder, Our Hen House

Caryn’s visuals enabled the members of our Board of Directors to get their arms around a complex set of data and then make a well-informed, strategic decision.

Jeffrey Cohan

Executive Director, Jewish Veg

I was quite impressed and surprised at how it is possible to learn skills that I thought belonged only to true artists.  Can't wait to put these skills to use.  

Kirk Holmes

President, Holmes and Associates, Inc.

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